Original to the house (over 60 years). Very solid. Well kept. Has multiple chairs-slip covers over original gold fabric. Also has multiple leaves. Table without leaves is 66x44x30
Guaranteed Measure Fry "Mae West 5 gallon" visible pump. $4900 5 gallon Frys are hard to find. Especially in this condition. Old restoration paint job that we freshened up. Has PERFECT cylinder. New wiring, New conduits, new globe cup. ORIGINAL tags. "Gallon finger lock" works perfectly. All it needs is a globe, hose, nozzle and pump handle. Ron Scobie has reproduction cast iron handles with th...
Nice Bennett 756 gas pump. Some minor dents at the top of one door and top of side. $950 Shipping available.
This is a rare reproduction White Crown that has a 'screw bottom flange". NOS Dated 1998 on top. $300 + actual shipping
Super Sale This Month June 28th & 29th with a large selection of Snap On Tools and collectibles, to include, large tool box full of tools, Snap On bar stool, pressure washer, large collection of Snap On toy vehicles and memorbilia, plus Leather (so comfortable). couch, living room couch & chairs, antique china cabinet, dressers, cabinets, hope chests, kitchen table & chairs and cabinet (made by...
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